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This comes from my thoughts on learning itself, also based on my experience and someone’s books such as learn how to learn, Learn How to Read A Book, etc.

In fact, for individuals, learning itself is a tricky thing. When you study for test or work skill, you usually cost much time but still work bad or get a bad consequence. But now learn how to learn is steadily gaining more attention in the era of information explosion. By the way, learn related to cognitive science, brain neuroscience, psychology(especially learning psychology), so how to learn better and faster is from science rather than pseudoscience. However, the way I learn combines my learning experience with thoughts and some small research, now I get this written on this blog. But it will not end. Chapter 2 in the Chinese version had been written last night. This will become a long series about learning fast and become a good man.


  • Persistence: Learning is usually not easy, it will give you difficulties and cost your brains to work well. But this will cultivate yourself to become better and better.

It Should Work Well

Everyone has his methodology about learning, some works so well, but some doesn’t help learn at all. That is fallacious. The difference and gap between different learning skill are so big that you should try to change your way to learn, but you should replace some parts of learning skill, not the whole one.

It’s not about making one fantastic day. It’s the little things, small things, and persistence that make you great. That said, you should stick to learning and then find how to learn, and change it every day until you feel good enough.

It should work well if you use excellent learning skill and try it. I will give me some learning tips in the following.

Tip 1 Feynman Technique’s Application

If you still don’t know what Feynman technique is, you should go to google first because I will not kick something around its meaning. It was three years ago that I found it in the book Learn How to Learn and I use near three years to make it combine with my fundamental learning skill.

The technique is an effective method to learn some new subjects, especially Science and Math. I use it to increase my knowledge of cognitive science and linguistics. It works great; now I make my knowledge hierarchy for these fields. It’s wonderful, but you should pay attention to these points:

  • Not apply to all fields: The technique works well on the science, math, etc. But it doesn’t work well on the history and literature.
  • Not have a standard: This means that you could not judge if you use it well or not. So it needs the third skill.

Tip 2 How to Read

If you have read the book, Learn How to Read A Book, you will know analytical reading and topic reading. Analytical reading is used to increase the knowledge in a particular field, and topic reading works well in case that you want to build a knowledge hierarchy of this field. Here are some tips follows.

  • Try to use machine learning to find keywords; it will use your less time to read a new book.
  • Try to use software to read e-books; you can make notes and search it quickly.
  • Try to use real notebooks or software to jot down queries.
  • Do not let the notification disturbs you.

Tip 3 Test

You should test yourself in time if you want to master details of what you are studying on. Here also has five steps:

  • When you see the question: analyze intention of the examiner
  • What the issue want to answer: analyze the theory behind the questions
  • Think about this question: find out why you don’t know how to answer it or why you know
  • Answer it
  • Sum up the experience of the above

The above five steps suit the student. If you are on work, you should learn on the projects(The Same Five Steps).

Tip 4 Time Management

  • Use some GTD software to control your time and establish a schedule to manage your studying time.

  • Use tomato timer software to help yourself away from poor efficiency.

Control your time, and then you will get a new world.

Tip 5 Keep Fit


The good body brings energy to you, and you will study longer and longer without being tired.


I use the above tips to learn every day, and finally, I gain 114 points in TOEFL.

This blog is the first one of the ‘Learn how to learn’ column. If you have any insights or suggestions, please email me.

Thanks for Reading.

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